What is AFFIRM?

AFFIRM stands for: Anglicans for faith, intercession, renewal and mission and it really represents the Evangelical/ Charismatic streams of the Anglican church in this land. It is made up of 7 voluntary societies of our church that in my experience represent real hope and vitality for us. They include:

These groups represent leadership in mission, biblical fidelity, evangelism, Spiritual power, short term mission and theological training. Part of our discussion over the consultation was the possibility of allowing parishes to associate more closely with AFFIRM, and that will be pursued in the new year by the AFFIRM council which I am on.

If you want to read AFFIRM’s basic commitments you can view their covenant statement here. Of particular encouragement is the new Bishopdale Theological college which the Nelson diocese has set up, which will bring fresh health to our national church.


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