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Welcome to The Chapel  - The Chapel is a community of young people (those working, studying in year 13 or tertiary, and those who are searching) who are seeking to grow as followers of Jesus by engaging with God, His Word, and each other.

The Chapel meets every Sunday evening and there is a small group bible study that meets on alternate Thursday evenings.

Our Sunday evening meetings take different forms and we meet in different locations. Be sure to keep and eye on our Facebook page to know when and where we are meeting. We have plenty of cars so can provide rides when our meetings take us further afield.

Each month we explore a different topic. So far areas we’ve explored include contemplative worship, looked at why it’s okay to question our faith and ran an evening where we could talk about some of our questions, and coming up we’ll be exploring the place of different genres of music in community worship.

We also run a van to pick up students who want to come to weekly morning worship. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of events and rides on Sunday mornings.

Want to get in touch?

Talk to James, Kinton, Sam, Phoebe or Nat.

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