The Drama of Scripture

We believe that bible reveals a history that makes sense of the world as we know it and gives hope for the future:Picture of a printed bible and a bible app on a phone

God created a good world, and created human beings to live in and care for that World on His behalf. Human beings lived out this mandate and enjoyed a blessed relationship with God. However, humanity sinned by rebelling against God and as a result the whole world was spoiled and humanity became separated from God.

God did not abandon His world but embarked on a mission to redeem the world from the curse of sin and death. His mission reached its pinnacle in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of His Son, Jesus. Jesus’ death on the cross opens the way for us to be restored back to God and rescued from the consequences of our sin.

When he ascended to heaven Jesus sent the Spirit. The Spirit works with us to put to death sin in our lives and bring us new (eternal) life. He also gives us gifts that we are called to use in the building up of the church community. Under the guidance of God’s word, and with the help of the Spirit and each other, we become agents of God’s mission in our homes, communities, and places of work, and the public square.

Jesus will one day return, and those who have rejected Him will be judged and punished. Those who have been saved by Him will live with him forever in a renewed world where all hurt and pain have ceased and there is no longer any death.

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