What we believe

We believe that the bible reveals God to be Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and that the bible reveals the story that makes sense of our world.Word cloud of biblical words

Our belief about the truth that scripture reveals has many implications for the life of our church:

  • Because we believe that Jesus is the only way that people can be restored back to God, we are committed to sharing this good news with people who have yet to respond to it. We do this by engaging with the area around Hope Street, equipping members of our community to share the good news with others, and supporting various ministries that share our commitment to proclaiming Jesus.
  • Because we believe that following Jesus means continuing the task of proclaiming this gospel in word and deed to the ends of the earth, we are committed to mission. We understand all Christians to be called to be missionaries, but that some will be called to do this overseas. Therefore we support various people who work overseas and various overseas missions agencies.
  • Because we believe that the bible is the authoritative word of God, hearing from God’s word is a central practice whenever we gather together.
  • Because we believe that being a follower of Jesus includes all aspects of our lives, our ministries engage with the different contexts (work, home, creation etc.) where we live out our daily lives and exploring how Jesus calls us to live in those contexts while we await His return.
  • Because we believe that the Spirit is active in followers of Jesus we seek to provide opportunities for people to minister to each other out of the gifts that the Spirit has given them.
  • Because we believe and know that we still struggle with sin, repentance and celebrating the Lord’s Supper are regular features of our gathered worship.
  • Because we believe in the holy catholic church, we actively participate in the life of the Anglican diocese of Dunedin and in the Combined Dunedin Churches group, and we support the work of the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) and Student Life on campus.

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