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Rev Stu

Stu has been serving at St Matthews since January 2006 when he and Mary and their three boys Sam, Peter and Michael received a clear call from God (ask them about it one day) to come 'home' to the Mainland after a time in exile in Auckland!

Stu is passionate about preaching the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ after being converted from a somewhat wayward lifestyle at the age of 28. He is committed to the raising up of Christian leaders to serve the church and to seeing God's kingdom come on earth.

In his spare time, he pretends to be a lumberjack, tending trees on a few acres in Waihola. He is a broken down rugby player, hits a wayward golf ball and loves Van Morrison. He also still believes he can run faster than his sons (clearly this is no longer true!)

Since coming to Dunedin, Stu has been active in ministry across the whole church of Dunedin, taking a leadership role in the Combined Dunedin Churches.  In 2013, Bishop Kelvin appointed him Archdeacon of Dunedin. (Stu is still working out what this means!)  

Stu is also an avid reader.  Click here to check out the books that Stu has enjoyed recently.  Stu's Book List

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