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Christopher Holmes


Today we welcome Chris Holmes, who is bringing us our sermon this morning.

Chris visited St Matts a couple of weeks ago to invite people to study Theology at Otago University where he is an Associate Professor.

He is the author of Revisiting the Doctrine of the Divine Attributes: In Dialogue with Karl Barth, Eberhard Jüngel, and Wolf Krötke (Peter Lang, 2007), Ethics in the Presence of Christ (T&T Clark, 2012), and The Holy Spirit (Zondervan Academic, 2015).

Chris is an Anglican Priest and has continuing research interests in the work of Karl Barth, Thomas Aquinas, and Christian doctrines, especially the doctrine of God. His latest book is entitled The Lord is Good: Seeking the God of the Psalter, to be published by IVP Academic in 2018.


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